KILOPOP! - the people behind the scenes

Andrea van Kuijk

Andrea van Kuijk, Head of Force International and Kilopop!'s manager, was born in Groninger, in the Netherlands and migrated to Amsterdam in the early 1960s. She read Radical Economic Theory and studied Subversive Art at the De Nieuwe Universitaliet, and is considered one of the founders of the Kabouters ('Pixies') - a '60's group of Dutch left-wing pranksters... though her positions were always much more extreme.

She got into the music business while organizing protests and performances at Amsterdam's Fantasio, the world's first concert space where drugs where openly tolerated. She became involved with Kilopop! after the first singles were released, and has steered their career to the middle of the pop pile... as only a very alienating manager can do. She has had her brilliant but meddlesome finger in radical culture for decades: advised Abbie Hoffman in his Yippie exploits, showed up at Viv Westwood's shop on the Kings Road in a t-shirt torn during a fight with her girlfriend.

"... basically, she is a maniac Dutch dyke with a wildness that makes the so-called nihilistic rock 'n' roll lifestyle of Kilopop! look like a Bible study group."
- Rory McSwain, Kilopop!'s road manager during the 1970s.

"Ah, Andrea...what can I say? she's been the source of equal parts brilliant career guidance and calamity for my friends Furk & Trynka... and we've fallen in and out of love/contact a zillion times over the years."
- Chris Butler, Future Fossil Music

"Personally... I both admire her nerve but can't stand the bitch, and i think that the closeness of her name to Colonel Tom Parker's real name (Andreas van Kuijk) implies parallel levels of hucksterism/venal opportunism and power-grabbing greediness... all wrapped in a genuine creative talent."
- Eric Walker, ex-Head of A&R, Phonophone Records (London)