le french movie

A song about attending a college reunion and meeting up with an old girlfriend.


we rendez-vous at our favorite Scottish restaurant

a/k/a Mc Sewer

canít take my eyes off your chest

you, my Milwaukee tumor

20 years ago, i wonder, hon...

were we really that much cooler?

that much cooler?

i remember you screaming at the rally

"bring the fascists to their knees"

your educated tongue

sank my L.S.A.T.ís

back then we upped the revolution

each time we dropped our jeans

like in a "le french movie"

each time we dropped our jeans

i wanted a job once...they asked me, son what can you do well?

i said iím a really excellent smoker

and as a tourist, non-pareil

i am skilled/schooled at power loafing

and i have a pleasant smell

me?...well...iím still chasing magic

missing every shot at wealth

heard youíre sticking needles into people

in the name of hippie health

how come every plot invention

ends up parodying itself?

like in a "le french movie"

when i was voted the worst joint roller

in my dorm back in Ď68

you rescued me with absinthe,

Jarry & Carnť

the whole world was watching us

now, weíre parsley on a plate

like in a "le french movie"