All songs and noises c & p 2002 Chris Butler/Future Fossil Music (BMI), except where noted. Administered by Spirit Music Group.

All Edison songs recorded without electricity or microphones on 100-year-old wax cylinders using a hand-cranked Edison "Spring Motor" phonograph (c. 1989/serial number 26133) with a glass diaphragm cutter and a tapered, low-resonance horn. Engineered by Mr. Peter Dilg.

All Rolling Stones Mobile (R.S.M.) songs recorded by John Siket (with Jon Sabo assisting) on vintage 2-inch 16-track 3M machines and the Helios 'Silver' console. props to The Mutiny Zoo for supplying everything we forgot. Music by The Cranks: James MacMillan-bass, Paul Moshella-drums, Jim Higgins-guitar, CB-guitar. Mixed by John Siket at Theater 99, NYC, and ably assisted by Raeann Zschokke. Special thanks to Zack Wild for his patient help in resolving our sync issues.

All wire songs recorded on either a late 1940's Webster-Chicago 180-1 or an early 1950's Webster-Chicago Model 79 using World War II Navy surplus stainless steel wire, Type W-174 consumer wire and period crystal microphones. Initial mastering and editing by Dave Derr at Studio E, NJ. Special thanks to Tom Dowd for steering me to Dr. Marvin Camras, the inventor of the modern wire recorder.

The vintage tape song was recorded using a 1946 Brush BK-401 "Soundmirror", a single crystal mic and paper-backed tape.

The vinyl 45 was cut on a Model VMS62 Neumann Special mastering lathe with a Neumann SX74 cutter by Paul Gold at Digi-Rom, NYC. Thanks to Al Grundy for steering me to Paul.

Final mastering and assembly: Dave Steel at DBS Digital, Hoboken, w/long overdue props to Damon Francisco.

Graphics & Design: Keith Allison

Back cover photo: Rich Grula

Assembly: Ann Manca/M Design

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