everybody's got money
everybody looks good
good for them...
my summer job's wasting time
and sipping gasoline wine.

everybody makes sense
everything is so clear
power steerin'!!
my backyard's a sweat ballet
of street iron lawn chairs

everything's frozen now...

everything's lush
everything is so slick
smear on some chrome lipstick
and we'll steal a pool
skinny dip
underneath a baby moon

'cause everything’s frozen now
around me...

starved for summer (dragster drags)
ride yer pony... kegs
let's race 'til we run out of road
redline her 'til it she begs
oh.... roast me in a ragtop
'til the vinyl sears my legs...

everything's Harley
everything is GT
chow down at Grease Alley
watch the guido girls cook
service with a dirty look

everybody's so clever
everybody's so thin
buddy up and dive right in
she's in the shallow end
uh-oh....she with her know-it-all boyfriend

'cause everything’s frozen now
except me...

starved for summer (color schemes)
black top, chlorine and shell
fire me up a cherry bomb
"que" me up a thrill
'til I'm helpless as a butterfly
caught in a Beemer's grill...

bet ya 50 bottle rockets I'm the only showboy left
without a baby on the half-crib and house furnished in debt

one by one they torched their jeans,
stripped and junked this gift
something cold just came along and froze 'em solid stiff

starved for summer...

oh yes...I am...a man
i got a cock and a girl, and a ride that runs
and...oh...i'm in a band!
and I'm grinning like a gearhead
in a hot pink-slipped Trans Am...

starved for summer (thirsty glass)
c'mon let's drink some more
yeah i'm smashed out of my skull
that's what they make it for
so I can't hear my head pound
when the drunk cicadas roar...

and there's no more...