you stained the front
of your barbed-wire dress with your venom
i wore the latest in "kiss my ass" smiles
a couple of fakes from The Victim Collection
a pot metal Mr. and Miss. Ed It By Miles i wanted to melt...
through the ceiling

is it our jobs? this city?...whatever
everything's whispering "wish you were dead"
pointing of fingers and other lewd gestures
language exhausted, tongues all in shreds

steel scars rip apart at the heartweld
each is each other's favorite anvil
yeah we pound, and we pound
'til we bleed, 'til we bleed
molten metal

over your head whistles my sense of humor
over our bed hangs a double-edged sword
our love's a factory out in the desert
we know where it is, but like...what is it for?

i wanted to scream...
i know what it's for

i give my address as the end of my patience
'cause lately that's where i spend all of my time
parked in an alley between our dreamhouses
locked out of yours and evicted from mine

steel scars...

then all this slag pours out
all my beams start to buckle
girders can't take the strain
bolts shear right off
(rest) cables snap and unravel

armor's so fragile...

but it feels like it weighs ten tons
when my shield's always up, but my hair's on fire
from this shower of emotional sparks
then you reach right in with a pair of pliers
and crush my tin foil heart

aahh...you're still the expert
at slicing through the last cast iron nerve i've got left
with a blast from a blow torch cigarette

steel scars...

then all this slag pores out
all my beams start to buckle
girders can't take the strain

then it's raining rivets on this cinder pile
that we're sliding down
endless ash, scrap and rubble
i reach for your ring
but it's rusted and hollow...

armor's so fragile.