Feb. 22, 2001 (Reuters) In a brief filed in New Jersey Civil Court today, Hoboken's Future Fossil Records is seeking an injunction to block the release of "Un Petit Goûter"-The Best of Kilopop!. The CD - with packaging clearly indicating that it is a Future Fossil release - is a compilation of the group's European hits plus rare and unreleased tracks. Future Fossil's spokesperson Chris Butler is alleging that neither he nor his label had any involvement with this project whatsoever: "I've had nothing to do with these people," Butler commented, "I don't know who they are, and I don't know why they are doing this to me. The whole thing is one big hoax-I'm being exploited for someone else's gain, and I don't like it one bit."

In counter-suits also filed today, Kilopop!'s Furk Zhenk (speaking thru his attorneys) says otherwise. Claiming to have met Butler in Denmark in '83, while he was producing the Danish art-rock band Sort Sol, Zhenk maintains that Butler agreed to write songs secretly for Kilopop!. "Mr. Butler was still under contract with Polygram," Zhenk asserts, "and although his Waitresses group was in limbo, he did start slipping us songs. We had lots of success, so we continued to work together even after his contract had expired. We still kept our association secret since Mr. Butler was tired of being branded as 'only' a pop writer. Last year, he finally agreed to go public with our relationship, and we were looking forward to our first USA release...when suddenly he reneged on everything. He should be proud of the work we did together, and we are at a loss as to why he is doing this."