Wrapped and unwrapped copies of the LP "Preventive Measures" (1981).

Kilopop! have never been strangers to controversy and this release made the news in all major European newspapers.The record was released wrapped in a semi-opaque latex material. The record's title and artwork and the nature of the wrapping material led to a strike at the Italian manufacturers responsible for producing the covers. The women working there refused to even touch the record, the London Times reported, going on to comment,"There is disbelief that the group could ever have considered that such a product would be acceptable in such a strong Catholic community."

Interviewed on a popular British TV talk show, Furk said, "Once again I have been misunderstood. I do not know why these people are making such a noise about this. It's just a pop record. You know... about walking in the rain with the person you love? It's all about rain. Rain is romantic, no? Europe is a wet place. England is a very wet place... Finland, my God Finland is a really wet place! The cover shows a picture of the world covered in wet drops. It's very obvious - what else could it be?"

Asked to comment on the protective latex cover, Furk asked for a volunteer from the audience then showed how the wrapping could be carefully removed and folded to make a handy Kilopop! rain coat. "You see!", he pointed out, "Preventive measures!"

After this show was broadcast, the group found an English company willing to produce the package as Furk had envisaged it. Unfortunately, instructions on exactly how to turn the cover into the raincoat were not included in the first 10,000 copies sent out to stores and many fans found themselves unable to remove the cover without damaging the cardboard sleeve and, in some reported cases, the record itself. Not even the free raincoat could prevent the record failing to reach the album charts.

Further pressing were released in just the cardboard sleeve.