2014 Chris Butler/Future Fossil Music (BMI).


she dives her submarine downtown
and docks it at the door of the Buddha Lounge
a little over-dressed for noise and smoke
cocktails, politics and dirty jokes

who's she? "You know me," she says
five or six of us just scratch our heads
strangers in here can be dangerous
the crazy thing is...I know she knows us

         she makes a table for one feel crowded

                  hey stranger, hey stranger

I hear a 100 opinions
strictly local talent, no...a pro
we can spot a fake a mile away
she could be my muse, you never know

shut up, your logic's all rusted
can't you hear the jazz time in her talk?
nobody ever hears the catch
if everybody's eager to be caught...

         why don't ya just dive back in your drinks?
         didn't swimming in the dark teach you anything?

                  hey stranger, hey stranger

                           that woman's every loser's pearl
                           she's every blind boy's seeing-eye girl
                           our lady of the down and outs
                           anyway, the Buddha's now in doubt

ice rattles in a drink, someone coughs
local anesthetic wearing off?
"I'm yours," she said. I said "no you're not."
"I'll stick with the maybe I maybe got"
"you're too late. I don't need you now"
"you're just someone I once dreamed about"
she said "whatcha got if you don't have me?"
I said "Buddha always dug a mystery."

         but tell me who chipped out this trail?
         it's either run around in circles and chase your tail
         or sleep with this dragon on a bed of nails.

                  hey stranger, hey stranger